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US financial model can be fixed | 11 Apr 08

Overseers of the US and international financial system need to quickly put reforms in place to restore confidence in markets disrupted by a global credit crisis, according to Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke mt4 tutorial for beginners

Bank offers few clues to future policy | 11 Apr 08

The Bank of England gave the markets what they were expecting with its quarter point interest rate cut, but kept its future policy under wraps

Rising inflation is complicating response to world slowdown: IMF | 11 Apr 08

The International Monetary Fund says the global economy is caught between a slowdown in growth and rising inflation, but there is no one-size-fits-all response

Staff morale sinks at HMRC | 11 Apr 08

If you thought just filling out a tax return was demoralising, you should be able to have some sympathy for the staff at HM Revenue and Customs

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IMF cuts global growth forecast
Simon Johnson, economist with the International Monetary Fund, explains the gloomy findings in its World Economic Outlook
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