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13 Jun 08

As a former teacher, it was a huge pleasure to step back into the classroom last week as we launched, together with Glasgow City Council and Scottish Borders Council, Debt Can Be Dangerous

The DVD and teaching resource, which spells out to young people the dangers of serious debt, was launched at St Paul’s High School in Glasgow.

Some of the young people from the school acted out the scenes in the DVD and they were tremendously enthusiastic about the project. They made it clear that what they liked about Debt Can Be Dangerous was the fact that it had a very clear message – don’t spend what you can’t afford.

Talking to the young people and some of the people from the education sector who attended the launch, it became clear that for some of the pupils and teachers not all financial education in schools has the same clarity.

Much of that is down to the fact that financial education is delivered across different subjects in the syllabus – maths lessons, business studies, modern studies and personal and social education. That means that delivering these crucial life skills can often be piecemeal.

That is a great shame, because rates of consumer debt and personal insolvency are only going one way – up.

It’s in all of our interests to stop this issue becoming an even bigger social problem than it has already become. Making sure that the younger generation understand that debt and bankruptcy are serious problems will stand society in good stead.

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