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25 Aug 08

Making sense of the future

An unparalleled line up of speakers will be at the CA Conference at Gleneagles next week to help us make sense of the current economy, and look at what the future holds

28 Jul 08

Treading a fine line on non-executive directors

After a very enjoyable summer break, I arrived back last week to the usual crammed inbox and a mountainous pile of correspondence. Near the top of the pile was the Joint Disciplinary Scheme’s (JDS) report on its investigation into Lord Wakeham’s role in the collapse of Enron

16 Jun 08

Critical friends or worthless allies?

I continue to hear excellent feedback about ‘Avoiding the Pitfalls’, free guidance issued by ICAS for private companies

13 Jun 08

Back to school

As a former teacher, it was a huge pleasure to step back into the classroom last week as we launched, together with Glasgow City Council and Scottish Borders Council, Debt Can Be Dangerous

22 May 08

The uncertain certainty

The old chestnut that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes should not be uttered in the company of any CA. Unless of course, you are spoiling for an argument

12 May 08

Ethics man

Ethical behaviour should run through a company like the lettering in a stick of rock. All the more reason to pay attention to Dr David Molyneaux's new publication, What do you do now?

29 Apr 08

Investing in the future

Helping small and medium-sized firms 'grow their own' CAs

22 Apr 08

Thinking ain’t what it used to be

Some thoughts on what we know as "thought leadership"

8 Apr 08

A fitting tribute

I wasn’t lucky enough to work with Aileen Beattie, former Technical Director at ICAS, but her legacy of integrity, intelligence and decency will not be forgotten by the many friends she left here at ICAS and throughout the profession

31 Mar 08

I look forward to hearing from you!

Wherever the job takes me, I'll be in touch – and your comments are always welcome

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