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1 Apr 08

CA Magazine is going online after more than a century in print

This is a big week for CA Magazine.

At the time of writing, I and the rest of the team are working on the launch of the magazine’s website. If you’re reading this, it works!
Publishing in this electronic medium – after 111 years in print – is one of the biggest steps in the magazine’s long history.
Making the magazine and its content available online should be a great benefit to ICAS members and our other readers.


That, however, is only part of what we’re looking to do with this website. A daily news update, articles exclusive to the web and the blogs – including the chief executive’s blog and a view from a soon-to-be-qualified CA – will all be important elements in the mix.
I believe there is still a vital role for print-based media, but the website and the magazine, I hope, will complement each other and give us an opportunity to communicate in new ways.

Your feedback and comments will be most welcome.

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Stuart Anderson

Thursday April 24, 2008, 22:33

The more that is delivered to the desktop the better. The Herald E-news would be a good model


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