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Celebrating entrepreneurial success... with the Spice Girls?

13 Jun 08

Some thoughts from the winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year awards

Last night I was at the Entrepreneur of the Year event in Glasgow as the guest of the organisers, Ernst & Young. Despite all the uncertainty in the economy, the awards dinner attracted a record turnout and, as ever, the event was a showcase for some of the best companies and business leaders in the Scottish economy, not just the established names but also the up and coming players who may not yet have achieved wider recognition.

There are arguably too many business awards in Scotland, but the EoY programme stands out as one of the most rigorous in its selection and judging process, and also because it is part of a UK-wide and international programme, with the winners going through to the UK finals in London this October.

Bob Keiller of oil and gas services contractor Production Services Network, which has gone from strength to strength since its management buyout in 2006, was a worthy overall winner. I liked his four principles for success as an entrepreneur:
•    The “Goldilocks Principle” – don’t grow too fast or too slow, but just right;
•    The “Newton Principle” – as Isaac Newton put it, you see further by standing “on the shoulders of giants”;
•    The “Martini Principle” – serve your customers “any time, any place, anywhere” (if you don’t remember that advert, ask your Dad); and
•    The “Spice Girls Principle” – don’t just give your customers what they want, give them what they “really, really want”!


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