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31 Dec 08

Here's to a prosperous 2011

If businesses and consumers had their way, we’d just skip the next two years. Unfortunately we don’t have that option.

23 Dec 08

Driving home for Christmas? Chance would be a fine thing!

Just one small example of how the credit crunch is affecting business has left this writer in a less than festive mood.

16 Dec 08

What's that behind the hedge?

Bernie Madoff’s $50 billion hedge fund fraud starkly shows up how unregulated and risky this sector still remains. Why should the ordinary punter worry? Because we are investing in hedge funds by proxy, whether we know it or not.

11 Dec 08

When the “worst case scenario” becomes the norm

As retail becomes the next sector to face the crunch, business plans for all companies need to be tested against the worst possible outcomes.

1 Dec 08

CA Magazine picks up another award!

Last Thursday’s PPA Scotland Awards proved to be a good night for CA Magazine.

26 Nov 08

Smart move - or desperate measure

It’s too early to say whether the package of fiscal measures to boost the economy in Alistair Darling’s Pre Budget Report represents bold but astute action, or a reckless gamble with all of our futures.

20 Nov 08

Bail-out policy loses sight of fairness

The government’s insistence that “it’s our way or no way” on the Lloyds TSB/HBOS merger means there is no level playing field.

13 Nov 08

Money talks, and for HBOS it’s still saying ‘merger’

It looks increasingly as if the prospect of an Asian white knight for HBOS is not going to materialise despite the best efforts of three giants of Scottish banking.

5 Nov 08

So it’s Obama!

The US presidential election delivered a true moment of history. But what lies in store for the President-elect?

30 Oct 08

Iceland joins the axis of evil?

40,000 Icelanders are incensed that the UK’s anti-terror legislation was used to freeze their banks’ UK assets, but there’s a wider lesson in all this

7 Oct 08

Why taxpayers should seek a high price for helping out the banks

Last week, huge sighs of relief followed the US House of Representatives’ vote in favour of president Bush’s bank rescue package. The trouble is, it does not seem to have done much to reassure troubled markets around the world.

29 Sep 08

New deal in financial regulation will inevitably follow the bailout

Shocking. It’s not too strong a word to describe what happened to financial institutions on both sides of the Atlantic over the past two weeks.

11 Sep 08

Finding our place in a changing world

The CA Conference at Gleneagles last week focussed on understanding economic and social change, and its impact on business. Meanwhile the world of football gave us a good example of change, on a grand and unexpected scale.

30 Jun 08

Equality Act may harm those it seeks to help

Bringing in positive discrimination through the back door does no favours to those who have made it on merit

23 Jun 08

Another body blow for the final salary pension

Not content with closing schemes to new members, employees are increasingly barring existing scheme members from topping up their DB pensions

13 Jun 08

Celebrating entrepreneurial success... with the Spice Girls?

Some thoughts from the winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year awards

2 Jun 08

2p could be a tax too far for UK's motorists

The deferred fuel tax hike, set to take effect in October, is set to add to the Governmnet's unpopularity

26 May 08

Honesty is best policy for business communicators

One of TV's best known newsreaders gave some sound advice at the Communicators in Business awards

1 May 08

Family businesses in the limelight

A Government reception for the Scottish Family Business Association was a welcome gesture of support for this often neglected sector

18 Apr 08

Twenty years on: the legacy of MCRV

Making Corporate Reports Valuable was a seminal publication, but even after two decades, some of its ideas are still seen as too radical

2 Apr 08

Can auditors really keep it simple?

KPMG's John Griffith-Jones is arguing for an audit "kite mark" that everyone can understand. It's a tough challenge, but worth attempting.

1 Apr 08

Entering the blogosphere

CA Magazine is going online after more than a century in print

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