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Here's to a prosperous 2011 | Last updated 31 Dec 08

If businesses and consumers had their way, we’d just skip the next two years. Unfortunately we don’t have that option.

Driving home for Christmas? Chance would be a fine thing! | Last updated 23 Dec 08

Just one small example of how the credit crunch is affecting business has left this writer in a less than festive mood.

What's that behind the hedge? | Last updated 16 Dec 08

Bernie Madoff’s $50 billion hedge fund fraud starkly shows up how unregulated and risky this sector still remains. Why should the ordinary punter worry? Because we are investing in hedge funds by proxy, whether we know it or not.

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Would more time in the classroom improve the boardroom? | Last updated 8 Dec 08

Very interesting conference last Friday. ICAS, supported by PricewaterhouseCoopers, brought together a panel of leading CAs to discuss the main corporate governance issues that have been thrown up by the recent problems in financial markets

A fair fight | Last updated 14 Oct 08

Fair value accounting is in the crosshairs of criticism from lawmakers in the US and Europe. The proponents of removing fair value argue that it has fuelled the economic crisis. ICAS does not share that view – we strongly believe such a move would represent a move to conceal the truth. On that basis, I thought you would like to see a letter which I have sent to the Prime Minister, the Business Secretary, the leader of the Opposition and the EU Commissioner for Internal Markets and Services

Healing the markets | Last updated 29 Sep 08

To use an analogy, I believe that accounting professionals can be seen as nurses to the markets – ensuring that strong medicine is given to cure the illness of over complex products and over valued stocks. Yes – that has led to writedowns. Yes – these have not been popular with investors or management. But what was the alternative? A situation similar to Japan in the 1990s, where the financial sector was sleepwalking for the best part of a decade and the economy suffered accordingly?

Starting Out

Notes from a nearly-qualified CA

Here's to a fresh start in '09! | Last updated 22 Dec 08

After a year of financial turmoil and scandal, I know what I'm wishing for in the new year...

Now more than ever CAs need to demonstrate our ethics and professional conduct | Last updated 17 Dec 08

What a week! Just when it seemed that the financial markets had suffered enough, another situation arises, again on Wall Street, which calls into question the integrity of those governing, regulating or working within the global financial system

Time to take stock ... and overindulge | Last updated 10 Dec 08

After such a turbulent year, this is time to reflect on your position and appreciate what really matters in life


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