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Career profile: John Charles Lewsley

26 Mar 08

Vice-president, global product controllers group, Morgan Stanley Investment Bank

When did you qualify as a CA? August 2001

Brief career history: I trained with Scott-Moncrieff in Glasgow, working with a diverse portfolio of audit clients. I made my foray into financial services with PWC, based mainly in the City of London, before joining RBS in 2002. In 2005, I joined Morgan Stanley, who are growing significantly in Glasgow. I have performed a number of roles across the profit-and-loss and market risk groups as I have been promoted to vice-president.

What does your job involve? I manage the position control function supporting colleagues within the fixed income, commodities and equity businesses in North America. This includes elements of market and credit reporting, and ensuring that our traders, management and regulators have complete, accurate information on the firm’s trading. Each day is different with plenty of opportunity to interact and collaborate with colleagues around the globe.

Best thing about your job? I get to work with a group of talented and motivated financial professionals.

…and the worst? Organising meetings across three time zones can be challenging – New York, Glasgow and Singapore.

How’s your work/life balance? The volatility in the capital markets is sometimes a challenge. but there are a range of flexible working arrangements.

In an alternative universe, what would you be doing? Working in quality control for the makers of Oban malt whisky.

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