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31 Dec 08

Resolutions – you’d better believe ’em

Dear Office Auntie

Please tell me how to keep my new year resolutions! I make them every year but somehow they fall away by mid-February and are forgotten by the end of March.

Auntie says

It’s a funny thing, the brain: capable of far more than we ask but always willing to take the easy way out. And you are giving your brain the easy way out by saying to yourself that you never manage to stick to your new year resolutions. So rule number one is: tell yourself that success is inevitable. It’s all to do with a really powerful way of making things happen – the law of attraction. Quite simply it says what you believe will happen, happens. And if you want evidence just watch a child determined to get a new toy. They apply the dripping tap approach until someone gives in. They succeed because they do not believe in failure.


• Think long and hard about what you will achieve in the new year.

• See yourself achieving, hear yourself achieving, taste, smell, feel yourself achieving.

• Build up a real physical book with words and pictures of your success.

• Open that book daily and smile as you flick through the pages.

Remember that every doubt you have in your own success is like a boulder in a river: too many boulders, you create a dam.

Just make sure your resolutions are truly what you want or you will not be pleased with your own success!

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