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31 Dec 08

Accelerated Best Practice, Fiona Westwood (Matador £24.99)

“Accelerated best practice” is Fiona Westwood’s practical model for driving through improvements in professional firms.

Westwood is a lawyer, but her advice on managing professional services firms is just as relevant to accountants – or indeed, architects, dentists, engineers, or any other professionals. As a lawyer she became frustrated that, despite no shortage of advice as to what her firm needed to do, there was very little practical guidance on how to do it.

The book is structured around a “wheel” of five elements: “shaping up for success”, “sustaining effective leadership and management”, “maximising resources”, “building valuable client relationships” and “choosing the correct development option”. There are practical tips to put all of these into practice.

If you are worried that the phrase “herding cats” seems to have been invented for your firm, or that all the books on management you read don’t have much to say about running a professional practice, this could be the book for you.

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Accelerated Best Practice

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