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31 Dec 08

Entrepreneurs do it in bed. And while eating dinner, and while watching TV

That’s how urgent it is for them to catch up with work – sorry, what did you think we were talking about?

The news comes from a survey for Bibby Financial Services, which questioned spouses of entrepreneurs, a group of what it refers to as “unseen heroes” who work for the success of the company, putting in 230m unpaid hours a month, worth £6 billion.

A bit over a third of spouses tolerate weekend working, and two fifths more or less expect the business boss to be late home.

There is some marital strife, though: more than half of business owners believe it is appropriate to spend less time with friends and family when the business demands it, compared with less than a fifth of spouses. Half claim spending less time with their partner is acceptable while only 14 per cent of spouses agree.

While spouses remain committed to supporting their partner in achieving their business goals, almost a quarter report that arguments are caused by their other halves thinking about work too much, and almost a third have fallen out with their partner because of lack of help with chores around the home.

As for using the business proceeds to get away from it all, that’s not guaranteed. A third of company chiefs take work on holiday.

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