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Starting Out


22 Dec 08

Here's to a fresh start in '09!

After a year of financial turmoil and scandal, I know what I'm wishing for in the new year...

17 Dec 08

Now more than ever CAs need to demonstrate our ethics and professional conduct

What a week! Just when it seemed that the financial markets had suffered enough, another situation arises, again on Wall Street, which calls into question the integrity of those governing, regulating or working within the global financial system

10 Dec 08

Time to take stock ... and overindulge

After such a turbulent year, this is time to reflect on your position and appreciate what really matters in life

16 Sep 08

Even my mum's taking an interest in investment banking

Unfortunately it's for all the wrong reasons...and the majority of us are set to pay the price for some bankers' fixation on their annual bonus

19 Aug 08

Under pressure

GB's athletes are feeling the heat in Beijing, and so am I in the office...

5 Aug 08

A week's not just a long time in politics...

Starting a new job and wrapping up my old position is taking up all my time

29 Jul 08

A new job, and a new season

As I take up my new position I can't help wondering what Kevin Keegan's recruitment plans involve...

18 Jul 08

Welcome to the real world

The last time there was a serious economic downturn, I was only spending money on football stickers and sweeties

11 Jun 08

Career choices and a crushing headache

It's not easy to consider your future when you're overdoing it at the cricket...

22 May 08

He's got a grey suit, glasses and a side-parting – he must be a beancounter!

I’ve not been to see the movie Deception yet…but I’m told it features Ewan McGregor in the role of a nerdy, socially-dysfunctional accountant.

15 May 08

Hit me with your best shot

Was I even born when this was a hit? I don't think so...

28 Apr 08

At least my boss lets us out for a beer on a Friday evening

After a gruelling week, it's a relief to find that there's at least some recognition that we need to fulfil our basic needs

18 Apr 08

All play and little work...

Christina Aguilera meets Mark Knopfler, with a touch of Jimi Hendrix thrown in for good measure

3 Apr 08

My waistline isn't the only thing that's bulging

With a reduction in my tax bill coming, my wallet should be feeling a little fatter – until the utility companies come along...

28 Mar 08

What a year to qualify...

Our guest blogger considers life starting out in the profession

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